Are your kids really eating that for breakky?

**No, my desk doesn’t usually have this box of crap on it – but it did inspire this post** NutriGrain is 27% sugar, but apparently still deserves a 4-Star health rating based on it’s fibre, protein, low sodium and low saturated fat. Seriously?!?!


Above: 4-Health Stars seriously??!!

Please keep reading if you feel stuck in a rut where your family often eats this style of over-processed breakfast cereal. Is it just to keep the peace or because it’s easy, one less hassle, they don’t like anything else, you’re busy, they won’t listen, they think they know everything, you have to get out the door, it has a 4-star health rating, you thought it was healthy…….blah, blah, blah. Or worse still, maybe they leave the house without eating anything at all.

As well as being a nutritionist, I’m also a mum with two girls aged 11 and 14. And that’s why I want to help you out. I know that marketing has made nutrition an absolute minefield.

But first here’s the deal. I know Mums have so much on their plates these days but, for the most part, YOU are in charge of what’s inside your cupboards and what’s powering their bodies. YOU are the one teaching them how to look after their heath and bodies (a skill for life) – or not.

By eating the right type of breakfast, not only will they have more energy, but they’ll also find concentrating in class easier – and get better marks. Win, win, win. Oh, and they’re more likely to have a healthy, stable weight too.

Overnight oats

Above: Overnight Chia Oats

In fact, research published in the Journal of Neuroscience found evidence that:
* regularly eating a healthy breakfast affects the quality of school grades – particularly maths
* children who eat breakfast are more able to concentrate, pay attention and are more alert at school
* they also have better memories
* between 20–30% of children and adolescents skip breakfast

So if you’re convinced that’s it time for change at your place – and minimising cereals covered in meaningless health ratings, bull%^#t marketing claims, packed with sugar and devoid of any REAL nutrients, below is a list of some fuss-free alternatives.

Egg Muffins and Admirer

Above: Warmed-Up Egg Muffins

Some new ideas to try out – feel free to adjust for ‘more likes’ at your place (like adding some honey to recipes):
* Smoothies with your choice of milk (almond, cows, coconut etc), unsweetened yoghurt (I like Jalna) and fresh fruit. Even add peanut butter!
* Poached, boiled or scrambled eggs on sour dough (even an omelette with a handful of spinach leaves, baby toms and cooked mushys. Or why not try my salmon scramble.)
* Unsweetened Greek or Natural yoghurt with fresh fruit and nuts or chia seeds (I like full-fat Jalna)
* Warm-up some pre-made Egg, Bacon & Veggie Muffins
* Porridge topped with fresh berries and some LSA mix (made with unflavoured whole oats and your milk of choice)
* Home-made muesli (or start on store-bought Carmens Fruit-Free Muesli, less than 7.5% sugar and with recognisable ingredients)
* Bircher muesli
* Overnight chia oats that are ready to grab and go
* Tomato and avocado or your fav’ nut butter on sour dough toast
* Oven-toasted granola

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Above: Just saying……