Rice paper rolls

I love it when we have a “make-your-own” family dinner night.  Rice paper rolls are perfect for it. I always make extras for lunch the next day too.

Cut up whatever you have. Maybe some wombok cabbage, capsicum, cucumber, bean sprouts, mint, coriander, avocado, carrot, cooked chook & spinach leaves. I like to set this up big buffet-style. Cook up some vermicelli rice noodles and get your rice papers out ready. (Asian section in supermarkets – follow instructions for these.) Have two bowls for dipping – one with a little fish sauce with lime juice, another with some sweet chilli sauce (not when cleansing though…..). Enjoy making your own rice paper rolls! Tip: Fussy eaters? Tell them they need to add at least 3 salad toppings : )