Private Consultations

During a one-on-one appointment, we’ll discuss where your health & life are at right now – and where you want to be. We can then work on getting to the root cause of why you don’t feel great, or why you’re not performing well enough.

Seeing a nutritionist makes your life easier & helps you get results faster.

It also takes away the guesswork & confusion.

Working with me means you’ll get results through;

  1. Targeted one-on-one food coaching, menu plans & recipes.
  2. A tailored Wellness Activation Plan or High Performance Sports Plan with evidence-based recommendations based on your goals, a full nutrition & health assessment, any functional test results, experience and the latest research available.
  3. Practitioner-only supplements (if required), with therapeutic doses prescribed for your individual needs.
  4. Ongoing support, direction & assessment.

I’m available weekdays for private consultations.

Please call me on 0404 081 404 or

Initial appointment – $120.00

Follow-up appointment – $90.00

What happens during a nutrition consult?

ACTIVATING WELLNESS or HIGH SPORTS PERFORMANCE starts with your initial consult. This usually takes around 45-60 minutes. It’s like a health & wellness investigation to help uncover what’s really happening on the inside & find out what’s holding you back.

The aim of the initial consult is:

  1. To understand your priorities & goals for wellness OR performance (eg. better sleep, more energy, improved recovery, better endurance, more lean muscle etc).
  2. To explore all aspects of your health, wellbeing & diet, to help uncover the key barriers & areas that need addressing.

We’ll have a thorough discussion about your health history, current symptoms, diet, training/exercise, relaxation practices, sleep habits etc.

A range of functional tests (such as health questionnaires, blood/stool/urine testing, body composition anaylsis, pH levels etc), are also used as required. These not only provide valuable insights, but establish important benchmarks for measuring results too.

Then all the information & any test results are analysed & researched, to develop your Wellness Activation Plan OR High Performance Plan. This is presented & discussed at your follow-up appointment.

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