What clients say

“Thanks so much for your time yesterday (and the extra time). Your research, presentation and professionalism are highly obvious. You made me feel very comfortable and confident with your advice and I would certainly recommend your services to any of my peers and colleagues.”

Male client, age 55.

“Jane’s education and support has enabled me to completely change my diet which in turn has me feeling 100% better. I recommend Jane for anyone – whether you need a complete overhaul (me!) or just some minor adjustments; I cannot imagine any other practitioner who could inform and motivate as much as Jane does. I always leave Jane having learnt at least one new thing and feeling positive and excited about being healthy.”

Female client, age 38

“Hi Jane, I wanted to tell you how good I feel both eating the “Jane way” and taking the magnesium and turmeric. I have minimised sugar [other than 1 teaspoon in 1 cup of tea a day], I have taken time to carry raw nuts around in my bag etc  and have eaten more protein. I can’t believe that in 3 days I feel less stressed, I sleep better  and go to sleep earlier and in much less pain. THANK YOU for your absolute non-judgement attitude and for being lovely to interact with.”

Female client, age 54.

“I loved your detox and thought you were amazing at organising and motivating the group!”

Female client, age 37

The group detox was a fantastic way for me to motivate myself to make the changes I required in my diet. I began by feeling apprehensive as to how  I would manage the elimination of certain foods  and of taking the supplements however in the end I was craving the potions and have found my stomach feels 100 times better. Many changes made are now a permanent fixture in my diet. Thank-you Jane for all your tips, educational advice, recipes and support. I would highly recommend Jane’s detox to anyone who just wants to feel “better”.

Female client, age 37