What should we really eat?

What should we really eat? If only this question had a simple answer. But it doesn’t. That’s quite simply because we’re not robots.

1We’re all different (yep, that’s everything from our biochemistry, current health, family needs, work habits, exercise levels, budget for food, beliefs and mindset.) Why then would the same diet always work?

That’s why I’m not massive fan of the underlying tensions out there (that unless you’re following the latest diet or fad, you’re not just getting it right). There’s paleo, quitting sugar, low carbing, high fatting, FODMAPS, gluten-free, vegetarian, autoimmune, vegan…..(sigh).

The FOMO Affect (Fear of Missing Out) is kicking butt when it comes to health and nutrition.

Don’t get me wrong. I love that more people than ever are interested in their health and food, BUT what ever happened to maintaining some level of perspective and balance? I believe we’ve lost our way a little and gone too extreme. In doing so we’ve also made our lives more complex and stressful than they need to be. (As if mums weren’t busy enough.)

By now, you’re probably just wanting to know what on earth you should be eating then. First of all, stop freaking out about food rules and foods you can’t touch (like if there’s something from the carbohydrate family on your plate). Secondly, start focusing on a more realistic approach that aims to get the basics and balance on track first – then fine tune and experiment to your hearts content. But get some solid foundations in place first to see you through for the long-term. Balance includes eating the right types of carbs, quality protein and nourishing fats on a daily basis, alongside plenty of vegetables, salad and moderate fruit. Eat less from packets, more from the earth and sea. Enjoy life along the way too. Finally, if you have any health, weight or digestive concerns you can then tailor your eating and portions further. Or seek help from a qualified-nutritionist.

So that’s it. Eating for your health, weight, energy and nourishment doesn’t need to be sexy. Or on trend. Or complicated. It needs to work for you and your tribe. For the long haul. And remember, we only get one small window to teach our kids how to live healthy. xx

P.S: If you would like a clearer direction, inspiration and motivation to get your own tribe on track, come along to my next Busy Mums Health & Nutrition Workshop.