Gut Health & Nutrition Workshops for busy mums

“I feel more armed to teach my kids”

“really inspired me to eat & cook more healthy food”

“thoroughly enjoyed it, handouts fabulous”

“money well spent”

“a completely changed household! Some days are harder than others but I can honestly say we have no more over-processed food in the house.”

Hi, I’m Jane Barnes, Qualified Nutritionist and Mum of two daughters (and hubby, and dog!). The reason I’ve created this workshop is pretty simple. It’s to help make life easier for busy Mums when it comes to feeding their families. It’s time to cut through the confusion out there about ‘eating right’. And the good news is that it doesn’t need to be extreme. Or a fad. It can be real. And sustainable. And balanced.


To help Mums get it right and keep it real. (We only get one shot at this.)

I want you to feel confident about teaching your kids the right way to eat: for optimal health (mental and physical), energy, weight, performance and mood.

I want to inspire and teach you how to plan out your meals – to save time at the shops and in the kitchen.


I’m not into focusing on rules about what you can’t eat, but instead on what you should be eating more of. Simple. The more nutrient-rich foods your family eats, the better they will feel, look & perform. It’s not about being perfect or depriving yourself. It’s about enjoying food & life more – by making better, informed decisions for you & your family.


I’ll teach you about why the food you & your family eat everyday is so critical – for mood, mental wellness, energy, gut health, immunity, disease prevention & more. (Not just to fill their stomachs.)

This workshop will arm you with meal plans, shopping lists, recipes & other tools for easier preparation, cooking & planning. You’ll be inspired with tastings too.

You’ll learn about some healthier ‘go-to’ options to stock in your kitchen & recipes for family meals, lunchboxes & snacks. Who doesn’t want to feel better & save time in the kitchen & shops?! We’ll also have plenty of samples to try out.

I’m a busy mum too, so I get it – I’ll keep it simple, tasty, real & inspiring.


When: Saturday 2 April 2016, 1.30-4.30pm (3 hrs)

Where: Fairlight, Sydney

Cost: $125.00 per person (includes 3 hrs with a qualified nutritionist in a small group, interactive environment, your own Busy Mums Tool Kit, education, demonstrations, recipe sheets, tastings & inspiration)

To reserve your spot: email me at

**Only a few places left. Strictly limited. **