Are we teaching our kids to hate their bodies?

The idea that we’re raising our daughters (& sons) to hate their own bodies is confronting. And extremely sad. But it’s happening and maybe we’re not helping. **I know this image is disturbing**


Australian data shows about one in three young people (male and female) have issues with their body image and between 30% and 50% of adolescent girls are concerned about their weight or are dieting.

And while we can’t stop the constant bombardment on social media, billboards, TV ads, in movies, magazines etc – we do have control of what happens in our own homes. If you are constantly criticising your own body and flitting from one diet or fad to another – then sadly that’s exactly what you’re teaching your kids to do. It’s not intentional, we all want what’s best for them.

But maybe it’s time to consider another approach. One that embraces a life full of healthy balance and energy, most of the time. Exercise regularly, enjoy an active life with them, buy and eat fresh nourishing foods and take time for the things that really matter. Don’t publicise your self-criticisms to them. Help them believe their most important assets are inside, not outside. Shift their focus from their outward appearance to their hobbies, sports and interests. Help them become good at something.

Maybe you can start the slow process of loving your own body too. xx